Natural Fashion

Fortunale aims to create the first 100% natural garment.

Our knitwear is made from pure organic wool, dyed exclusively with chemical-free vegetable dyes, designed and produced in Italy by specialised artisans.

The world of fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. It produces tonnes of textile waste every year, consumes thousands of litres of drinking water, and uses massive doses of pesticides and toxic additives for every garment produced.

Fortunale has chosen a different path, based on natural fibres, short production chains, and environmentally friendly fabric recycling.

100% Organic Wool

Only pure organic wool, one of the best yarns in the world

We use only pure organic wool, we get it from farms where the sheep are respected and allowed to graze freely in pollutant-free meadows.

They live in small flocks and are sheared according to tradition, which protects their health.

We exclude all wool from intensive breeding, which uses violent practices such as muesling.

The use of natural raw materials excludes the micro-plastic particles released by synthetic fabrics, which are a huge source of pollution.

100% Natural Colours

We watch to our past to colour our future

We look to the past to colour the future: more than 200 natural ingredients such as flowers, leaves, berries and roots processed according to ancient dyeing recipes give Fortunale knitwear unique colours and shades.

Innovative dyeing process free of any chemicals that does not harm the environment and protects health.

Our garments are dyed with vegetable pigments derived from reseda, madder, indigo, strawberry and camping, which do not release toxic substances for our skin and make them incredibly breathable and soft to the touch.

We dye with: Reseda, Indigo, Madder, Guade…

Our dyeing process

100% Made in Italy

Every Fortunale garment has its own story, an ethical and sustainable value.

Tradition and quality recognised the world over. Stylists and workshops, specialised in the production of excellence, combine the latest fashion trends with comfort and practicality using modern textile technology and the expert hands of Italian seamstresses.

A true ‘made in Italy’ garment is cared for, checked and finished by hand before being shipped.

The production chain is entirely made in Italy, trying to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible, because we believe in the value of local craftsmen and producers.

Circular Economy

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed. Everything is transformed.

Fortunale is totally eco-friendly and is inspired by the most modern principles of circular economy. The material transformed into an object often lies unused for most of its life; a Fortunale garment, on the other hand, is designed from the start to be recycled.

Fortunale is a pure wool garment and this precious characteristic allows us to regenerate the fibres, producing new raw material. The total absence of synthetic fibres allows us to recycle it up to 70%. We will be happy to accept the return of your old Fortunale jumper in exchange for a 30% discount on a garment from our new collection: a small incentive to embrace our philosophy.

Green recycling symbol design element

With the fibres from the regenerated garments, we will make second raw material, ready to create new models of the Fortunale line, significantly reducing the environmental impact of our textile production.

Would you like to return your pure wool sweater? Write to us to get your discount code now!

Plastic Free Packaging‚Äč

Even the packaging is perfectly reusable: each Fortunale jumper arrives in a specially designed recycled cardboard box.

We want you to be able to happily reuse it, which is why we made it with high quality materials and a design that is pleasing to the eye.

The tag is made of recycled cardboard and can be used as an earphone holder.

A nice way to give a simple cardboard artefact a second life.

In addition, we do not apply adhesives or plastics to it.

Every indication regarding article, size and colour is handwritten.

Even the tissue is designed to be reused and admired. In fact, the jumper is wrapped around a card that becomes a splendid painting, created by the young artist Francesco Ferrulli.

A painting of rare beauty, enhanced by the vivid colours and playful stroke that have always distinguished the artist’s talent, capable of expressing the disruptive and festive force of the Fortunale wind at its best.

A painting that we are pleased to present to you together with your Fortunale garment, thanking you for your support, as we are sure that we share the same values.

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