Who’s Ivan Aloisio, Founder of Fortunale

My story begins forty years ago, in a provincial town named San Chirico Raparo, attached to mountains and surrounded by forests, secular oaks, broom plants and their gentle scent.
A vital place for me, because I was born there, in my grandparent’s home. There, our family business, a textile industry, was also conceived, thanks to the courage of my parents willing to realize their dreams.

I grew up between yarn cones and fabric scraps, playing around textile machines and ironers, with their enchanting vapors. The textile industry was my home and with time became my passion. This passion then became my duty and dedication. To this day I have the honor and responsibility to lead our family business.

Through the years, the firm expanded and moved to the manufacturing district of Cassano delle Murge, in Puglia, a small town in southern Italy, immersed in nature and surrounded by the majestic Mercadante’s Forest. Our collections substantially improved, we exported in various international fairs like Paris and Dusseldorf and our products were bought by major European buyers. It was an incredibly productive period for me, and I was able to meet several clients and providers. During this time, I was also able to distinguish, with clarity, the negative aspect of the fashion industry: textile industry waste. For instance, the toxic materials utilized in dyeing facilities, color waste poured into rivers, or the myriad of synthetic and plastic materials that we wear every day. This awareness created an intense conflict in me which grew significantly after my son, Jacopo, was born.

An immense joy, accompanied by a continually growing sense of responsibility and a persistent question: What could I have done for his future?
That moment signified a stark change, and I decided to create a different kind of industry, one able to prioritize the quality of the “made in Italy” while simultaneously respecting the environment, nature and the well-being of works and consumers alike.

I never imagined this but, five years ago, alongside my son Jacopo, the project Fortunale was also becoming.”